Toll Brothers at Southlake Meadows


Toll Brothers have outdone themselves with this new home development. Not only is the location in Southlake perfect, the homes are absolutely exquisite! These homes start in the low $900’s and they are worth every penny. You could not ask for a better place to be in the Dallas-Fort Worth area than Southlake.  It is where the city meets the country. You are close to shopping and dining while still enjoying the peacefulness of non-big-city living. Southlake is safe, has excellent school districts and is conveniently close to the airport for people that travel a lot.  You are also only minutes from Alliance Airport, Texas Motor Speedway and Tanger Outlet malls.

Toll Brothers have been named the Texas Builder of the year six times. Looking at homes like the ones at Southlake Meadows, it is easy to see why. Fortune Magazine named them the #1 home builder worldwide and called them “the world’s most admired company”. It is because of Toll Brothers dedication to quality and building you a forever home. They are desired for their commitment to making energy efficient, eco-friendly homes that can stand the test of time.

When I take pictures of model homes, I usually focus on the kitchen, living areas and master suite. While this home was in no-way lacking in the kitchen and living areas, it was the master suite and backyard that held most of my attention. The kitchen was exactly what you would expect from a million dollar home, opulent and more counter/cabinet space than most people would need.


A butler’s pantry and a wine room with climate control just add to the luxuriousness offered by Toll Brothers. My favorite part of the living area was the wall. Yes, the wall. The glass wall on the backside of the living room slides all the way back, opening up your entertaining space to include the backyard. On nice days, you could open up your back wall and have a barbecue, pool party or Halloween Haunting.

The backyard is one of the best features on this house. That being said, Toll Brothers does not usually put this much time into designing their backyards. They would absolutely do that for you but, it would be better if you just contracted the people they use instead of going through Toll. They designed the backyard for this model home to demonstrate how it could be used. People that pay a million dollars for a home generally want an expansive, lavish backyard. To prove that lavish could still be obtained with smaller square footage, they used a model of one of their California homes and made the backyard to scale. With multiple seating areas, a pool a movie star could be jealous of and a complete outdoor kitchen and living area, I think it is safe to say they succeeded in their goal.

The master suite is the other area I want to focus on. Usually, I enjoy the large expensive homes but never really want them. It is too much house for my family of three. However, when I entered the master bedroom of this home I never wanted to leave. The vaulted ceiling with wooden beams is one I would love to wake up to everyday. Then I walked into the master bathroom. I was wrong; this is where I wanna wake up every day! The master bath is almost as big as the two bedroom apartment I am currently living in. It has hallways! The first closet to the left is the man’s closet…or a woman’s shoe closet.


The other walk-in closet, to the left of the shower, has a chandelier and hanging storage all the way to the ceiling. This solves the problem of what to do with out -of-season clothing. No more packing it away, just rotate it to the top racks of the closet and they are no longer a bother. I am torn on deciding my favorite part of the bathroom. Is it that huge tub with a gorgeous view or the shower that is the size of a normal walk-in closet and is unenclosed? I am fascinated with showers that are not enclosed and this one is large enough to serve as a locker room to a basketball team. I think I will leave it as a tie.
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