Sci Fi Factory


When I first decided to go into SciFi Factory I thought it was going to be another comic book store. I quickly learned this was not your old, basement-dwellers’ comic book store. The comic book selection is almost an afterthought compared to some comic book stores that carry almost nothing but. SciFi Factory’s bread and butter is in their social connections. This store is more for community members to meet and play than to come grab a comic or two and leave.

While there is a very nice selection of comics and graphic novels, there are also plenty of other things to look at and experience in SciFi Factory. This store has an almost thift store kind of feel. There are Star Wars plates next to Batman electronics and Silent Bob dolls next to Predator and Captain America Dolls. I love the unexpected search through the shelves to find a Bob Ross lunch box or a tube-top Peter from Family Guy.

SciFi Factory’s pop collection alone is worth a trip to see what they have. My boyfriend is obsessed with Deadpool and my daughter is obsessed with Minecraft. She has already picked out the order in which I am to buy the Minecraft Pops pictured below. The Deadpool as Bob Ross has already been purchased for my boyfriend’s birthday…ssshhhh.
Another highlight from SciFi Factory is their game selection. If you just bought a home, or you were invited to someone else’s housewarming, a game from here would make the party way more fun. They have games that everyone knows, like Monopoly, but cooler.They have NINE different versions of Monopoly including Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy.

My Deadpool-obsessed boyfriend will also try to talk me into getting the Deadpool game pictured below. It is like Cards against Humanity came out with their own Deadpool version. I also want to buy the Exploding Kittens game. I got to play it once at a friend’s and it is absolutely a horrible, but fun, game.

If everything I have said so far has not convinced you to check out SciFi Factory, I have one more word for you…minatures. SciFi Factory has an expansive collection of models and minature characters to complete any scene. I do not claim to know any of the games the customers were playing on the tables in the store but they all looked to be having a good time. I was intrigued by the models for foreign military. My military replica loving, future father-in-law will be getting some of these for next Christmas.

This is a store for the social geek, nerd or dork. However you identify, you can find someone similar at the SciFi Factory and play a game, battle Pokemon or grab one of their Dungeons and Dragons play guides and make a story that your friends have never played before. Let your nerd flag fly high at the SciFi Factory!


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