299 Oriental Express


Hey Dentonites! We need your help! If you have not gotten to experience the delicious food at 299 Oriental Express, you need to do it soon. Oriental Express is located on the North side of Denton, right off the University of North Texas Campus. It is directly across from where the old Pancho’s and Rockin Rodeo where located. We are in danger of losing the best Chinese food I have ever put in my face! For six dollars you would not expect to hear the words, “best Chinese food ever” but, that’s exactly what it is. Unfortunately, the University might take that space, like they took Sack ‘N Save and the entire strip mall across the street, forcing 299 Oriental Express to move or go out of business. Let’s make them too popular to shut down!

If you are looking for quick, cheap and delicious, you have found the trifecta in 299 Oriental Express! I lived in Denton for seven years, luckily right up the road from fast food that did not cost too much. When I first moved next to the University of North Texas, there were not many food options within in walking distance. Surprising, considering the number of hungry young people all crammed into a few square miles, a large majority of them without cars. Through the years, apartments have been built on Fry street with restaurants underneath, and new eateries have popped up.

My favorite will always be Oriental Express. I do not remember what the tiny building housed before this restaurant and it does not really matter, it will forever be Chinese food in my head. I moved from Denton last year but, I still visit Denton several times for business. I stop here every time I am up north because I am always afraid it will be the last time.

I always get the Sesame Chicken. Always. Everywhere. That is my favorite selection at any Chinese restaurant and how I measure the establisment. I have not found a buffet that I love because sesame chicken is not meant to sit underneath a warming light. It should be fresh, almost crispy. It should not be soggy and chewy. The cooks at Oriental Express would make it for you that way, should you desire soggy chicken.


That’s one of the things I love about this place. You can get it the way YOU like it. The staff is super friendly and strive to get you exactlly what you want. I ask for slightly crispy and they have never disappointed me. That is an absolute that I rarely use, never. In this case, it’s the truth. In the many years I have frequented this restaurant, I do not remember ever being let down.
The building is small and space is limited. There are around ten tables and room for less than three cars in the drive-through. At their peak time, bring a book, you will be waiting awhile. It is completely worth it though. Everything is made fresh (except the rice, but the turnover is so quick I’ve never had gross rice) and right when you order it. You could also order in advance and just pick it up when it is ready or, wait for an off time.


Uber Eats just laughed at me when I tried to see what it would cost to get Oriental Express delivered from Denton to the far Southwest side of Fort Worth but maybe you could give that a try for dinner tonight. Have you ever looked at a recipe to make Sesame Chicken? That’s a big nope for me, I would rather just make the drive.|

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