First Texas Homes- Llano Springs

If you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of the city but you don’t want the solitude of the country, Llano Springs was made to be your next home. This new housing development is on the outskirts of Fort Worth. You’re less than thirty minutes from the hub of downtown but, you can see stars at night and the noise and activity levels are that of a country home.
Living at Llano Springs would put you close to some major employers, like Lockheed Martin and Crowley ISD, and has a plethora of outdoor activities near to keep you occupied, like the Trinity Trails and Benbrook Lake.


Not only does Llano Springs offer great location, First Texas Homes gives you amazing floor plans and options to choose from. There are currently 7 homes (6 different floorplans) that are move-in ready and almost 30 more coming in the next few months. With prices from the $260’s-$320’s they won’t last long though.

First Texas Homes doesn’t skimp on what they build. They want to make you the home you’ve always dreamed of and they want that home to last. From the roof, to the ground, First Texas Home uses quality, energy efficient materials that make your life easier and cheaper in the long run.

Their attics have R-38 insulation blown-in to reduce the amount of heat leaching into the living spaces. By using the blown-in technique, they ensure there aren’t any gaps in the coverage. Standard radiant roof decking helps by blocking up to 97% of the heat that the sun puts off keeping the attic up to 30° cooler than normal. First Texas Homes also uses a high tech expanding sealant at all the usual air “infiltration” spots, like windows and doors. All of the windows in your new home will be double-paned, insulated Low-E glass. This glass is not only energy efficient, it protects the interior of your home from damaging UV rays that can fade and deteriorate your fabrics and carpet. The vinyl window frames reduce the heat/cold transfer and reduce moisture collection during seasonal temperature changes.

First Texas Homes took just as much pride on the inside of their homes as they did the outside. Each home has a standard tankless water heater that only heats water when it’s needed. The kitchen appliances are all provided by Frigidaire and Electrolux, which have earned the Energy Star Award for excellence.

Even the plumbing was done with the consumer in mind, not the profits. Your new home will have Pex plumbing systems. Pex has superior heat retention when compared to copper piping. However, unlike copper piping, Pex plumbing doesn’t require flux or chemical adhesives at connection points, making your water cleaner and safer. Best of all, Pex plumbing systems are freeze resistant; they can expand to 300% of their normal size without any damage.

Call or Text Bob McCranie, Broker, with Texas Pride Realty at 972-754-0582 for more details on how to buy one of these GREAT new homes.