BigDash Ice Cream and Pastry


Are you ready for some incredible Middle Eastern Delights? If you are up to tasting something new and fantastic, then rush over to Richardson for this best kept secret! This amazing place has been open since September of 2016 and I can’t believe I haven’t tried this place sooner.

Thank you BigDash’s owners Asmaa Khattab and Kareen AlRefaai for introducing these amazing flavors to North Texas. We never knew we were missing out on these pastries and desserts. Asmaa and Kareen are from Syria and they are on a mission to show us another side of their homeland. The taste of their birthplace begins with a unique take on Arabic ice cream, made with a recipe and preparation that have been traditions in Syria since 1895. Khattab and AlRefaai owe their style to Damascus’ world famous Bakdash ice cream parlor, which makes a public display out of beating barrels-full of its frozen product with large wooden mallets to give the ice cream its signature stretchy texture.

Here are some of my favorites! YOU MUST TRY the Crepe! I mean,WOW, seriously this creape is the BEST I have ever tried. Also, try the Balvava with cream, Im addicted to this thing. And trust me when I say you NEED to try the Knafa. You can thank me after you taste it, I was leery at first, but OMG, I am now in love.


When I visited BigDash the place was busy, so expect nothing different when you go. If you are wanting to try something different that won’t disappoint, then head on over to BigDash.

Want to live near this great Ice Cream shop?  Follow this link from Texas Pride Realty!