The Toy Maven

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon and you think you might just get a couple of hours to relax. You thought wrong. Your child just realized that they are supposed to be at Emma’s birthday party in an hour, with a gift. Don’t waste time, visit The Toy Maven. There is not a child on this earth that you could not find something for in this store. I already have birthday and Christmas gifts picked out for the next two years for every child I know and love.
My daughter would love about half of the stuff in this store. Her entire Christmas will probably be purchased here. I can NEVER let her in here! She is an avid Beanie Boo collector (the TY beanie babies with sparkly eyes) and they have characters I have never seen carried anywhere else. According to my eleven-year-old daughter, “caticorns” are totally the thing right now. For those of you not blessed with a “tween” girl, caticorns are a unicorn/cat hybrid. The Toy Maven has you covered if your child is caticorn obsessed.

My daughter is also very good at picking out presents for other people that benefit her. For father’s day, she bought her grandfather a child’s robot kit because, “it’s something we can do together and I love spending time with you granddaddy”. So, now grandpa’s gifts are also covered for the next year or two because The Toy Maven has an excellent selection of science kits, robot kits and building materials to keep those two occupied until she leaves for college.

There are aisles of games, from baby games to games I want to play. Cat Crimes and Handemonium looked especially fun. They have games that trick your kids into learning things and ones (like the ones I want to play) that have no moral or lesson at all. There are Lego sets galore and all the animal and people figurines needed to make an awesome Lego world. My child’s imagination never fails to amaze me and I can totally see her building a Lego airport and overrunning it with T-rexes.

If you have a little princess, mommy, a chef or artist, you can find something to support that love. The Toy Maven has different dresses and accessories for playing dress up. There are plenty of baby dolls to choose from and anything they need to raise that baby doll, from food to clothing to a stroller and a crib. You can buy your burgeoning cook a play stove, the pots to cook on it with and dishes to serve all their fake food on. Some of the art supplies carried here are things I would enjoy, including a Mona Lisa Pixel art kit.

This place isn’t just perfect for any type of gift receiver; it is also perfect for any type gift giver. Are you the aunt that buys only educational toys? The Toy Maven has grade level Star Wars themed workbooks and educational games and kits. Are you the aunt that buys the inappropriate stuff? There is poop and vomit toys, gag gifts, slime and silly string for you.

Oh yea, remember Emma? Once you’ve picked out her perfect gift, the staff will elegantly wrap it for you. I cannot tell you how awkward it is to wrap a present in the Wal-Mart parking lot. I will never have to suffer that indignity ever again. Stop by today to find your perfect gift to give.

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