Three Dog Bakery—Southlake

My aunt loved dogs. I thought she was strange because she would never feed her dogs anything she hadn’t tried herself and treated them like children. Growing up in a household with severe allergies, having a pet was never an option. It didn’t bother me but, I didn’t understand the bond between a pet and an owner and how they do become another member of the family. My aunt passed away but, she would have absolutely loved Three Dog Bakery. I wanted to go adopt a dog just so I would have a “real” reason to go back! The food in the bakery case looked good enough for human consumption. I asked staff about it and they told me that humans absolutely could eat it; everything was real food and fresh. I bet it tastes better than any Purina my aunt ever consumed.



Not only does their bakery case offer goodies like “Beggals”, “pupcakes” and” Banana Mutt Bread”, there are examples of birthday cakes they will make for your favorite pooch. I would also like to direct your attention to the top of the bakery case where there are tiny little puppy birthday hats that are the cutest! Everything they make for the bakery case, they make in the store. You can have the family dog supporting your son’s little league football team, with a small specialty cookie, every time he has a treat!

If your dog has been just the best boy, reward him with all different treats, jerky and chew snacks. They even have boxes of cookies! There is a large variety including chicken, duck and salmon and flavors like vanilla and even pumpkin spice. There is absolutely no reason your dog cannot experience the same joy of fall that you do. Does your dog like a good pig’s ear at the end of a hard day? Three Dog Bakery has you covered.


Your dog is not complete without a collar. You can find a variety of collars, harnesses and leashes at Three Dog Bakery, from the plain to eye-catching flashy. They even sell tiny little kerchiefs to complete your dog’s ensemble. Check out the Community Bark Board near the kerchiefs for local dog events and share pictures of your rescued pup. Throw in one of their squeak toys and you’ve got yourself a dog birthday present to be proud of.

If your canine companion needs to lose a little weight, or help maintaining joint health, you can find supplements to assist with that. You can keep your dog healthy inside and out because there is also a large selection of “beauty” products.

The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. What’s more, you can tell they care about your pet as much as you do. They only carry the best in foods and what they make in store could be confused for human desserts. Plan your next doggy bash with the help of Three Dog Bakery.

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