Newport Homebuilders at Lantana


Building Your Dreams One Home at a Time
Build on your own lot! Wow, I love hearing about building a home your way.

Let’s talk Newport Homebuilders, do you remember the time when custom homebuilders actually meant you were building a real custom home? I am almost certain you do not recall a time when this was a real thing. Floor plans with small variation options is the process Fox and Jacobs set for after World War II in 1949. They set the rules for many different reasons, this was a price effective process, this was a time effective way to build homes, and most of all, this was the practical way to build homes.

Newport Homebuilders doesn’t care about anyone or anything other than you. This is YOUR home and they desire to make this home, YOUR home. Newport Homebuilders doesn’t confirm to what the majority says a custom homebuilder must be. They listen to their clients and give them what they want. Episodes of popular home shows don’t dictate how they build, you dictate what and how they build.

When I walked into their model home in Lantana (they have many other locations as well), I was impressed! The room utilized as a work space or study room, actually looked like a library/home office space. Newport Homebuilders went to the extent of adding beautiful wood book shelves. They also included an inviting fireplace that would make anyone want to crawl up with a good book and hear the crackling of a fire nearby.

The colors in this model home were warm and the walls were adorned with taupe. The wood was a fantastic brown and was refreshing to see. The kitchen was Texas sized and matched the main fire place in the open living room. The media room as an actual media room that flowed with the floor plan. Nothing in this home seemed out of place or like it was a second thought. This home is not like the others. This model home may not appeal to the masses, but this home wasn’t supposed to appeal to the masses. This home plan is only supposed to appeal you. I love that this home builder provided a model home with rich warm colors that made me feel like I lived in Texas.

If you want the bright tones with gray and egg shell, know that Newport is able to accommodate your wishes. If your want a large space for a mother in law suite, they can accommodate your specifics.

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