Java Gaming Café


I’ve seen plenty of arcades and centers for kids/adults where they can play games, eat and continue to have fun, like Main Event or Dave and Busters. I have never seen a place for computer gamers to go…until today. Located in Carrollton, right off George Bush and Old Denton Road, Java Gaming café is the Mecca for all the gamer nerds I’ve ever known.

This place is 7,500 feet of a gamers dream.
There are:
• 52 high end PCs with GTX 1070 and i5-6600k
• 9 higher end PCs with GTX 1080 and i7-7700k
• 30 towers connected to 27-inch 144hz 1ms monitors
• 31 towers connected to 24-inch 240hz 1ms monitors
• Every station is equipped with a mouse, keyboard, and headset
• 2 Six-man team rooms for group practice.
• A 2 PC stream booth set up with a physical mixer and green screen
• Streaming PC has Ryzen 7 1800x and gaming PC has GTX 1080Ti

Games that are Preloaded:
• Player Unknown Battlegrounds
• Overwatch
• Battlefield 1
• LoL
• Dota2
• Fortnite
• H1Z1

If PC games are not your thing but, mom’s only driving her kids to one place, Java also has game systems hooked up to huge TV’s. There is a PlayStation 4, a Wii for Smash Melee, a Wii U and an XboxOne.

Some of the games for the consoles include:
• Destiny 2 – PS4
• Injustice 2 – PS4
• Madden 18 – PS4
• NBA 2K18 – PS4
• Tekken 7 – PS4
• Street Fighter 5 – PS4
• FIFA 18 – PS4, Xbox One
• Halo 5 – Xbox One
• Super Smash Bros – Wii U
• Mario Party – Wii U
• Nintendo Land

You can pay by the hour, $3 (plus tax) for console gaming and $5 (plus tax) for non-member PC gaming. Or, if you love this place and it becomes your second home, you can by a yearly membership for $25 (plus tax). You get three free hours at sign-up, a member account for easy access and to save unused time and a discounted rate for hours spent playing. You can spend an hour for three dollars, six hours for fifteen (makes it $2.50 an hour), 45 hours for $100 ($2.22/hr) or 100 hours for $200 ($2.00/hr).

If you get hungry or thirsty while playing, never fear, there are snacks and beverages on site. Get yourself a coffee, tea or smoothie from the café. Or, get a soda or energy drink so you can play until they close (THREE am on weekdays, four am on weekends). Make sure to put a little food in your stomach, from their snack selection so you don’t pass out on the keyboard though.

Java has just recently started offering packages for birthday parties. Ask them about reserving their secluded room for parties or the game console area. You’ll have your own area for food, drinks and presents and your own computers and consoles. Get out of the proverbial basement and join your fellow gamers for camaraderie and shooting things into the wee hours of the morning.

Want to live near Java Cafe? Follow this link from Texas Pride Realty.