Oak St. Pie Co


Down the Main Street in Roanoke Texas are great restaurants and unique shops in redone houses and business building of early 20th century design. So many wonderful eateries inhabit Roanoke it’s been dubbed, The Unique Dining Capital of Texas.

In fact, you can eat your way down the street; starting with wine and appetizers, proceeding to a dinner place, and then stop in yet another welcoming spot for dessert. And one of the best is the Oak St. Pie Co.

I suggest you walk in slow and close your eyes. The aroma is mind bending. Nobody makes cologne or lotion that smells this good. Real chocolate, fruit and peanut butter wafts you into a place of childhood dreams. A lovely, lady named Carol opened this shop, with her two children, in 2006. It’s been all up from there.

The last few years they have had to cut off Holiday pie orders well before Thanksgiving. Yes, they are so good they turn away business. This year though they have enlarged bakery access and will take all comers.

It may be called pie but the fudge here is outstanding. There is even a sugar-free that is superb. My husband must have that one. And he is picky, saying most sugar free items are horrible but he loves the fudge here. The granddaughter loves the peanut butter fudge but usually gets chocolate.

They have seating and drinks both cold and Community Coffee for hot. But wait, there’s more! The have cookies, Rascals, Peanut Patties, Lemon bars, Brownies and so much more. They have whole pies if you are on your way to a dinner or party and don’t want to go empty handed, or by the slice.

They also do gift bags with gift cards and goodies. A bag of fun now and more fun later. Check out website for all pricing: https://www.oakstpieco.com/services. But I will tell you this. These pies run more expensive than the grocery store ones. Which makes sense because first, they are gourmet items and second, slightly larger in size. I think the cobblers look like throw rugs.

Here are the flavors they carry year-round: Apple, Banana, Blueberry, Cherry, Chocolate Meringue, Coconut Meringue, German Chocolate, Key Lime, Lemon Chess, Lemon Meringue, Peanut Butter, Pecan, Pumpkin, Raspberry Lemon, Raspberry Rhubarb, Strawberry Rhubarb, Peach Cobbler, Blackberry Cobbler.

My favorite is the German Chocolate. This is what I call a hot/cold food. On days like Thanksgiving, people graze all day long. You need foods that taste good right out of the frig or with a blast in the microwave. German Chocolate and pumpkin are like that. Pie can be versatile where as cake dries out sitting on the table.

They have special pies flavors each month and small, two-serving pies nice for the older couple that doesn’t need that much pie. Or the one person who doesn’t like to share. There are also special desserts on the weekend like Banana Pudding, Strawberry Shortcake and Brownie Truffle.

There is street and parking lot parking round back. There is always some big band music or a little Dean Martin on the radio and children, are not only welcome but, in a family-friendly environment. There is even patio seating for the more moderate months.

This simply is fantastic place to eat amazing goodies, support local business and have fun. The trifecta of a great place to shop. Stop by soon.

Want to live near all these sweets in Roanoke? Follow this link from Texas Pride Realty.