Rebeccas’s Toys and Prizes

Rebecca’s was founded in 1954 and came to Texas in 1983. They began by providing fad-driven toys and novelties to retail stores. After word spread of their awesomeness, they started selling to PTA’s, churches, teachers and even school Christmas store events and carnivals. Rebecca’s keeps their overhead low so they can bring us merchandise at the lowest possible price. I recently moved up the road from Rebecca’s and have wanted to see what it was all about. I’m glad I did because this place is amazing!

As a bulk wholesaler of toys, they have better prices than their counterparts, like Party City. I worked for Party City many years ago and I can vouch that Rebecca’s prices are lower. This is not just a store for schools, churches and city organizations. Any person can benefit from a visit to Rebecca’s. If you like to throw Halloween, Christmas or New Years’ parties, this is the place to come for favors. My boss throws huge Christmas parties every year and I know I will see merchandise from this store at his next blow-out. I love hosting the Easter egg hunt for my family. Everything I need to make twenty little Easter baskets I can get here…and I will be. If you are planning a birthday party for your child, Rebecca’s will make it the best party ever, for the least amount of money and time. You don’t even have to come into the store to shop. Everything can be done online and you can pick up your package or have it delivered.

Walking through the store I had so many money-making ideas. Rebecca’s carries anything you need to make a school spirit table. You could get cowbells and megaphones of any color. A white paint pen and you can make a megaphone, or cowbell, to sell at a football game for any school. You could do this for the PTA and make money and score yourself some gratitude from the school. Or, you could do it as a random citizen and sell your wares online. I am thinking really hard about doing that myself. My daughter is in elementary right now but, when she gets to high school she’s going to hate me coming to any performance. Hopefully she chooses a sport because, it would probably be awkward if I was yelling through a megaphone or ringing a cowbell during an orchestra concert.

One of my favorite parts of Rebecca’s is their carnival planning. I have never thought of hosting a carnival. After twenty minutes in the store and reading through their planning materials I feel like I could do everything on my own, start to finish. Of course, realistically, I know that’s not possible but that’s how inspired and confident I felt. Rebecca’s has an entire book for planning a carnival, and it includes previous customers’ success and suggestions. There are lists of games you could play, how you should set up ticket redemption and all the forms you need to keep things organized and profitable for your organization. Rebecca’s will even rent you carnival games to play…in addition to giving you everything you need to decorate and reward your winners.

Stop by today and check this place out yourself. I know I’ll be back. Maybe I’ll try giving out cool little toys instead of candy on Halloween this year.

Want to live near Rebecca’s? Follow this link to Texas Pride Realty.