Silver Creek Jewelers & Liquidation Station


I moved to Hurst a few weeks back and I have had so much fun exploring my new stomping grounds. I found Liquidation Station almost by accident. My boyfriend is a huge nerd and has some sort of radar for nerd stuff. He saw the giant pictures of The Hulk and Darth Vader in the window and the rest was history. It turns out, this business started with just jewelry and repair and expanded over the years to include other merchandise. The owner not only makes and sells jewelry, he also repairs it. He does it all himself, too. No sending it out to someone else, with the exception of watches, he fixes everything on site. He pointed out a gorgeous case of turquoise earrings that he made himself. If you had an idea for a piece of jewelry that you wanted to make come to life, without breaking the bank, this is the store for you.

In addition to jewelry, the store is something of an enigma. I do not know what to classify it as. There are purses, clothes, hats, memorabilia and toys. I’ve seen memorabilia stores in the malls that sell similar stuff and the prices here are incredible. Everything in the store is 50% off retail. I was in there for a good thirty minutes taking pictures and I know I did not get to look at everything. Let’s start with the purses. There is legitimately a style of purse for every woman in this store. From small clutch to large tote, from simple and understated to blinged out like a chandelier, there is a huge selection of hand bags to choose from…most twenty dollars or under.

There is a variety of clothing, from dresses to hoodies. I picked up a pink hoodie that was incredibly soft. The original tag was still on the sweater and it was almost forty dollars. The price Liquidation Station was asking for? $10.99, under eleven dollars for a hoodie that would cost more than three times that at another store. There were hats, belts and even leggings on display as well. My favorite in the clothing section were the baby shirts that made it look like the baby is riding on a shark. I don’t even know anyone with a baby right now but, I wanted to buy that shirt.

If you’re not looking for clothing or jewelry, you should still come check this place out for all of the other cool stuff they have. This could be your one-stop-shop for all your Holiday presents; it’s where I plan on going.
The store carries merchandise from:
I Love Lucy
John Wayne
Star Trek
Wizard of OZ
Star Wars
Marvel and DC comics
Betty Boop
Looney Toons
And many more

There is also a large selection of sports gear, from professional teams to almost every local college. The store even has Sooner stuff for the few Oklahoma fans that are in our area. There are toys, pet gear and fuzzy pens. There are home décor items from almost every genre, country, Christian, people who love to fish and so on. I saw a chicken wearing a bikini that I’m going to go get for a friend that’s obsessed with chickens. Bet she doesn’t already have anything like that. Seriously, check this place out. I’m almost willing to guarantee that you will find something there that you absolutely have to have.

Want to live near Silver Creek Jewelers?  Follow this link from Texas Pride Realty.