British Emporium

If you can’t get to Dover, Essex, or Liverpool, then get to the British Emporium in Grapevine!  This store has been around for several years and serves our community all things British you could imagine.  Owned by Sheela Kadam and Alexandra Evans, this place has everything you could bloody-well wish for.

Start with the foods.  Biscuits and crackers surrounded by every candy and sweet imaginable.  Next you’ll find the tea.  What is England without Tea?  Twinings is my favorite.  English Breakfast over Earl Grey, of course.  

If you’re a Doctor Who fan, be sure and be there Oct 27th for the Doctor Who event. There are so many Dr Who items you’d swear the shop was bigger on the inside than on the out.  If you have any Whovians in your family, this is the place to shop for their birthdays and holiday gifts.

There are all the British sauces too.  We have our brands here in America but how fun would it be to taste the favors of another country?  Try HP Sauce, Coleman’s Mustard,
Heinz Salad Cream or Duerr’s Mint Sauce.  I dare you!!

There’s even a frozen meats section where they stock authentic bangers!!!  Bangers are sausages that are totally unlike American sausage.  Also British bacon is different.  They call American bacon “stringy bacon”.  Bacon in this case is more like ham.  You must try them.

Along with traditional foods, sauces, and candies, they stock a great supply of memorabilia, royal pictures and more.  You’ll be transported to the best of Britain if you give this shop a try!  I plan to return before Christmas and stock up.  God Save The Queen.

Want to live near this amazing reminder of England?  Follow this link from Texas Pride Realty.