Fish & Fizz

I **LOVE** all things British and in recent years I  have tried to find every place in the Dallas / Fort Worth area that fills my passion for the UK.  Recently my fiancee and I went to Fish & Fizz to try out something news.  Located in Richardson, this place tries hard to transport you to the seaside of Cornwall, England.


We started with the Bubble and Squeak, which is a dish with potatoes, cabbage and a relish that is amazing.  Next we had the Fish & Chips along with the Bangers & Mash.   They’re excellent.  We couldn’t get enough.

At the end of the meal, Terry tried their version of the Victoria  Sponge Cake.  It’s a modern take on the classic and there wasn’t crumb left.

Want to live near Fish & Fizz in Richardson?  Follow this link from Texas Pride Realty!