Aim High Indoor Bounce


My twin niece and nephew turned six a couple weeks ago. We had their party at Aim High and everyone had a blast. Seriously, everyone, from our youngest toddler to the biggest parent, every single person enjoyed their time. We even had teenagers in our group. You know what was on their faces? Big Smiles, that’s what. I was actually the only adult in our party that did not bounce. I can barely stand upright on a flat surface and I don’t enjoy spending time trying to get off my back and on my feet, like a turtle. Plus, somebody had to photograph all the fun.

Aim High Bounce is a family owned business that was started by a husband and wife, in 2010, with one bounce house that they rented out, while also maintaining full time jobs. After word of mouth spread, the demand, and their supply, increased. They now own a huge array of bouncers, slides, waterslides, tables and chairs, concession machines and inflatable movie screens. In 2016, they opened Aim High in Forney, 6,000 square feet of bouncy fun…plus an arcade. Their Forney location became so popular that the owners just recently opened another location in Mesquite that is 1,000 square feet larger.

I think my two favorite bouncers were the Wrecking Ball and the obstacle course. The Wrecking Ball Bouncer was a large, circular bounce house. It had four platforms in the inner circle that were just as bouncy as everything else. The goal was to maintain your balance on these wobbly blocks while dodging and throwing the huge wrecking ball at your other combatants. My niece and nephew come from tiny people and are little for six year olds. My nephew was smaller than the wrecking ball and did this cartoon splat against the netting when the wrecking ball cleared him completely off the platform. He laughed, I laughed and then we both decided that maybe he should try another bouncer and leave that one to the big kids.


My other favorite was the obstacle course because of the competition it inspired. Mothers were racing daughters, brothers raced sisters and cousins faced off in the birthday battle of 2018. There are walls to climb over, huge pegs to make your way in between and then, it’s up and over another wall, through a tunnel and under some netting before the winner can be declared. There was a smugness that could not be denied from one mom that completely smoked her teenage daughter…and it was absolutely deserved.

Your little ones have a specific bounce house just for them; the Mesquite location has an entire section if you only have a toddler. If you have to drag your older child along and they just can’t even…they can waste their time in the arcade while you and the younger ones have your own races and wrecking ball throw downs. Birthday parties are a blast here. I want to go back and I didn’t even bounce! There were multiple places for “photo opportunities” but, make sure you have a camera that doesn’t have an issue with motion. You will have a hard time getting anyone still for an extended period of time! Or, rent the Wrecking Ball for your next adult get-together and feel like a kid again. Either way, check out Aim High Bounce!

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