Magic etc


The other day I was watching a new show on Netflix, Magic for Humans. Usually, I can kind of work out how magicians accomplish their tricks but, this guy had me stumped multiple times. It inspired me. Not to try my hand at magic, tremors ensure I would never master slight-of-hand tricks. It inspired me to find a magic shop to cover for this blog. I found more than I was looking for in Magic etc. If you are ever near downtown Fort Worth, check it out.

Magic etc. has everything you need if you are interested in magic. From beginners to experts, this store has you covered. They have instructional manuals on, what looks like, everything and DVD’s for a more visual teaching tool. Any kind of trick or disappearing act you are trying to accomplish can be furnished and taught with one visit to this business. Also, you are covered on your costume because Magic etc. is not just a magic store. They also carry costumes and accessories of all kinds.

Those of you that have never bought a costume anywhere other than Party City, this is for you…you have never experienced a costume shop like Magic etc. You are not limited to one kind of witch, or pirate, or clown. They had over twenty different styles of clown shoes on display. You could go old-school with huge yellow plastic or more modern with oversized sparkle high-tops. Above the large selection of shoes, are the clown wigs. Any look you could want as a clown is available here. The makeup selection is larger than Sephora’s and can make you a ghoul, zombie, beauty contest or anything else your twisted heart desires.

Magic etc. has more than just clown wigs. They have wigs of every style in every color. They have gloves of every style and color…same with hosiery. Even if you are not costume shopping, if you need gloves, or hose, to match that dress, check this place out before spending a ridiculous amount on a custom pair.

The store has a flow; each “genre” of costume has its place. You move through from time period costumes (flapper, disco), to famous costumes. There’s a section for Star Wars and one for Wizard of Oz. Pirates have their own selection and I will probably return because they had several pairs of boots I want to own, costumed or not. I even found Waldo hiding among some other costumes. You could spend a few hours just looking at all that is offered. I hope you don’t have a decision-making problem because you would be here all day.

In addition to selling costumes, Magic etc. is where you can go to rent Santa, snowmen, Easter Bunny or a myriad of other characters. You can also rent DJ sound and lighting equipment, or buy it, if you so desire. If your church is having a Christmas carnival with a living nativity, you can outfit your cast in costumes and rent all the equipment you need in one place.

Check out Magic etc. because Halloween is right around the corner. Not that it really matters, Magic etc. is open year round. Make sure to follow them on Facebook for their daily discount. Drop a picture in the comments if you manage to find Waldo. Or, let me know if Magic for Humans stunned you or didn’t make any impression at all.

Want to live near Magic Inc, follow this link from Texas Pride Realty