Five Below

This is NOT your parent’s dollar store.

Before the birth of Wal-Mart, there were places like M.E. Moses, H.L. Green, TG&Y, Ben Franklin and Woolworth. Around 1879, in Pennsylvania, the idea of the variety store began with the five and ten, five and dime, nickel or dime, and ten-cent store or dime store (10 cents). These stores offered customers a wide assortment of inexpensive items for personal and household use. This idea was brilliant!

By 1932 these businesses added on the .20 cent price point. When the great depression hit the United States, many people needed this price range to survive. These businesses ended up exploding and today we all love the finds at our local dollar business.

Most everyone knows that places like these are great to purchase greeting cards, balloons, gift wrap, socks, holiday decorations and coloring books. We know that this isn’t the place to seek anything out that we need to depend on quality. That is exactly what we use to believe.

Let me introduce you to 5 Below. 5 Below isn’t your grandparents five and dime store. This isn’t your parent’s Dollar Tree either. 5 Below is exactly what the titles says. Everything is $5 and below. Expect to find great pop culture licensed t-shirt for $5. Expect to find Harry Potter Christmas ornaments. Expect to find a clean, attractive and inviting store!

I am in love with this place! This store is located in The Colony, but there are several locations throughout the Metroplex.

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