El Rancho Supermarket

In 1988 the Nafal family first open the doors to the first El Rancho Supermarket. It was their hope and vision to create an atmosphere that would make one feel as if they were in a latin outdoor market in the middle of an exotic beautiful foreign country. They wanted to capture the delicious smells, the sounds of the local language and music. They wanted a space that looked like you were in a Latin outdoor market. They wanted to create a place where on could purchase freshly made tostadas (chips), produce indigenous to Latin America, Augua Frescas ( a drink made with crushed or blended fruit), fresh bread and fresh pan dulce, and an authentic meat market and fish market.


The Nafal family wanted to give native Latinos a sense of being home and everyone else the sense of being on a quick international excursion. They have been successful on their vision. They created everything they envisioned and more. When one walks into a El Rancho grocery store, it is not like any other supermarket experience.

When you initially enter a El Rancho Supermercardo, you are greeted with an aroma that is simply delicious. Fresh Tortillas, Tortillas are normally pretty delicious. The key difference between the sometimes stale offerings in the bread aisle of your normal market, and the hand-packaged tortillas you’ll find in an El Rancho Supermercardo, is real freshness. They offer tortillas that are crazy fresh. This makes them moist, soft, and delicious, especially if you go the extra mile and heat them up a little.
You will also find on an El Rancho supermarket, freshly, in house made, Tres Leche cake, pintas, Churros, rojo y verde salsa, masa, Guajillo, Chayotes, Tomatillos, Plantains, Cactus Paddles, crema and real fresca queso.
If you’re on the lookout for inexpensive, high-quality ingredients that you can use in your authentic Latin cuisine, El Rancho is the ONLY place to shop. You can find a wide variety of unique produce, high-quality fresh goods, and odd ingredients like Manteca (lard) and dried chilies that will impress your native Latino friends. Or if your Latina mother in law is visiting for dinner, take your cooking to the next level, and actually impress her. Best of all, prices tend to be quite low for many of these Mexican treasures. This will let you save money while making many delicious meals.

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