Mulan Noodle & Grill


Carrollton is blessed with a large Asian population, which means lots of Asian cuisine to choose from. Lucky me! One of the newest places is Mulan Noodle & Grill, which recently opened in a shopping center just a few doors down from a Kroger grocery.

It’s a “fast casual” restaurant, with a bright, clean and modern interior which immediately lifted my spirits. West-facing windows meant they had to lower the shades to keep the glare out, but the result was a wonderful golden glow suffusing the room.

You order at the counter, pay and wait for something wonderful to appear in the open kitchen! I decided to try dumplings, soup and a simple – yet comforting – Kung Pao Chicken. I must say it was all delicious! My only regret was that I was so carried away by the flavors, that when I got my Kung Pao Chicken, I gobbled it all down before it ever occurred to me to take photos of it! However, I did take a picture of my dining companion’s General Chicken (which is like General Tso’s Chicken). Also, you can see a photo of my empty plate!

They don’t have alcohol, but in my mind that’s a feature, since BYOB is always cheaper.

Next time you’re in northwest Carrollton area, and have a yen for some delicious Asian comfort food, drop into Mulan and give them a try. I’ll bet you find it as satisfying as I did.

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