Pho G Cali


Many great Asian restaurants can be found within Carrollton Texas. There is a little Pho restaurant nestled in the southeast corner of I90 and Old Denton. Pho G Cali is authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Here is what one can expect when they visit Pho ga Cali, Vietnamese cuisine provides authentic food at this restaurant. At Pho Ga Cali, one can expect fabulous service, great prices for large portions, a clean and bright atmosphere and some wonderful fresh cuisine.

Here is what to try on your visit to Pho G Cali, so this is a sweet little chicken pho joint, therefore, since this place specializes in chicken, order chicken. Pho G Cali makes a pure chicken broth and doesn’t just repurpose a general soup broth. This makes it especially flavorful and true to chicken pho. The freshness is noticeable, and it does taste delicious.
The #24 is rib eye steak and tendon and the price is $8.50. The broth is nice and flavorful with a sweet flavor to it. The meat is was super fresh and good quality. Veggies are clean and fresh, no discoloration or wilting. Pho G Cali offers a variety of sauces, hot sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce, and pepper on the side. They also have offer small bowls available to the side as needed if you want to share or split entrees.
The Taiwanese chicken is served with a side of honey mustard. This appetizer is definitely recommenced, the Taiwanese chicken is served fresh and hot.

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