Sam Moon Group


In 1984, in North Dallas, located on Harry Hines Blvd, David Moon opened a small wholesale store full of inexpensive jewelry and knock off stylish purses. The first location was not any larger than 1,000 square feet. The store was strictly opened to wholesalers only and the minimum purchase had to be $40.00. It didn’t take long for the word too travel about this exciting retail store. In 1994, while maintaining Sam Moon’s wholesale pricing, the company choose to open their doors to the public. This gave the company its competitive edge.

Quickly the word was out on this place. Bus loads, literally, groups from other states would make a special trip to visit Sam Moon. Few could resist the chance to stock up on accessories that were up to 70% off retail prices. The second location was six times the size of the modest beginnings and they out grew that space in the mater of only a couple of years.

The Sam Moon Group founder, chairman, and CEO is actually Sam Moon’s father, David Moon. Sam, is David’s first-born son and the company’s president and namesake. When David’s second son, Daniel, arrived, the name fit in a new way: Sam is similar to the Korean word for “three.” This stirred the beginnings of a family-owned business dynasty that David Moon envisions eventually as an American icon.

The secret to the success of this retail empire was the focus to remain on their clientele. The Moon Family catered to the North Texas Soccer mom. That market wanted quantity, not necessarily quality. They wanted to have an abundance of jewelry, purses, and whatever else they could change out to match their outfit theme of the day.
Today Sam Moon carries much more than accessories, purses and luggage. They have grown into so much more. Do yourself a favor and visit Sam Moon the next time you have a urge to accessorize.

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