Bricks & Minifigs


When I was young, I had this huge bucket of Legos. I made every structure in the book and many from my imagination. That one bucket of tiny feet-killers cost my mom twenty bucks but provided me with hundreds of hours of entertainment. I’m kicking myself for not holding onto that bucket, they go for about $150 now. I was actually lamenting the other day that I could not afford to get my daughter that huge bucket of Legos for Christmas. Then, I found Bricks & Minifigs. This store has everything your Lego-loving heart could desire.

Times have changed since my bucket of Legos in the nineties. My daughter enjoys the “plain” Legos but, prefers sets. She’s really big into Minecraft and wants those sets the most. Bricks & Minifigs carries both. There are big tables set up with piles of random Lego pieces that you can fill bags with and take home. The big bag holds 1,500 pieces and it’s only $35! That’s a better deal than at ANY toy-carrying retail establishment. I can get a bag of Legos for me, a Minecraft kit for the kid and a Star Wars kit for the boyfriend. On Christmas day, we stay in our pajamas and just play with Legos all day…sounds like a great Christmas to me! Now, the hard part is which kit do I pick?


Minifigs (miniature figurines) can be found in all genres. From Spongebob to Ghostbusters and Harry Potter to Darth Vader, any figure you need to complete your Lego scene is waiting here. My favorites were the Lego Ewoks and Christmas C3PO’s. There’s even a table set up to make your own minifig. You can pick your torso and legs (heads are all the same) and outfit it with accessories.

If your child absolutely loves Legos, have their next birthday party here! A ninety minute Brick party pack twenty party guests includes 45-50 minutes of free play on the four-lane derby ramp, with electronic timer and an 80″ TV. There’s also 15-20 minutes of a minifig building activity. Each child gets to take home one minifig and the birthday child gets two. There’s also 20-30 minutes of allotted food enjoyment time. Table covers, napkins and plates are provided, you just provide the food. Online Evites through Bricks & Minifigs are also available.

When you’re done with your Legos, bring them back and you can sell them or trade for a new kit. Also, check out the previously owned kits and Minifigs for a discount.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever built out of Legos?

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