Triple Scent Candle, Inc.


If you’re looking for a last-minute Christmas gift, or a Hostess gift for that party next weekend, Triple Scent Candle has you covered. Locally owned, and locally made, Triple Scent has been providing us with delicious aromas for almost twenty years! Their candles are hand-blended and hand-poured to ensure quality. Quality is what you get with a slow, clean burn with fragrance filling your home for around sixty hours.*

With around 100 scents, there’s sure to be one that would please anyone you know. My boyfriend and I war over what scent is lit at any given time. He loves food smells. His favorite is any kind of sugar/vanilla cookie…or, carrot cake, cinnamon roll or brownie. Basically, he wants our house to smell like a bakery all of the time. My problem with that is, when it smells like a cookie is baking, I expect there to be a cookie in my near future. That’s just not sustainable. I prefer light florals and he makes gagging noises like he does when walking past perfume counters in department stores. We compromise with fruity scents. He gets the sweetness he craves and I don’t feel like making a midnight run to Krispy Kreme. Triple Scent Candles has all of those flavors and more. I had to buy the Fruit Basket candle. It has a punch-like smell that made me think of warm days, which I long for.

Pinion Woods was featured in a Southlake Kaleidoscope Tour of Homes a few years back and has been a top-seller since then. One of the other top-sellers is Rawhide. If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a leather store, pick up Rawhide.

Triple Scent doesn’t just have candles (in a jar, votive and tealights) but, anything you need to take your olfactory on an aromatic journey. They have wax melts and oils as well. Plus, they have a large selection of warmers to hold your melts. I had to add the burning fireplace one to my Christmas wish list. There is even a selection of plug-in/night light, combination warmers.

While you are shopping, look for the Bottle-abra. It’s this cute little holder that sits in a used wine bottle, turning it into a candle holder. I’ve got a beautiful centrepiece for my Christmas dinner now, with a medley of pumpkin scents to accompany my turkey that, I promise not to overcook this year. And don’t forget to check out the “flavors” of the month for a special discount. This month’s includes Christmas cookies. Sshhh, don’t tell my boyfriend!

How do you compromise on your scent preferences?   Follow this link from Texas Pride Realty.


*medium jar candle