WhirlyBall Mid-Cities


I think I’ve found my new favorite thing to watch, Whirlyball. I’ll be honest, I had no clue what it was until a few days ago. I drove by this location on my way home one night and decided to check it out and see if it was something that the readers of Today’s DFW needed to see. The answer was an emphatic YES!!!

Whirlyball is a combination of lacrosse, basketball and bumper cars. Yes, bumper cars. It’s probably the most intriguing thing I’ve ever seen. However, I have to wonder how inebriated the person, or persons, had to be to come up with this hodge-podge game. You have a ball and, using a lacrosse-style catchers cup, you pass the ball up and down the court. You want to get the ball in your opponents goal, a basketball-like net. The entire time you are trying to drive yourself around the court in a bumper car. Being honest once more, I lack the coordination to pull this off. We have video proof from my last bumper vehicle attempt. I just spun in circles for seven minutes. I got plenty of enjoyment from watching though. There was a corporate event going on in one room and a birthday party in another. It was like watching kids in bumper cars at the fair but, bigger. Everyone was having an absolute blast. There was joy and healthy, competitive rivalry going on. It’s definitely a corporate event I would attend! I would just be the one documenting, I don’t need Janice from accounting to have something else to give me a hard time about.

In addition to Whirlyball, this venue also offers laser tag. Their laser tag area is six-thousand square feet and two-stories! I got a personal tour of the laser tag area and between that and Whirlyball, I know where my daughter’s next birthday party will be! The laser tag arena can hold up to twenty-six players at one time and each player gets a printout of their standings.

Speaking of birthday parties and corporate events, WhirlyBall has you covered. Not just with the fun but, food and beverage as well. They offer catering from several restaurants including, Blue Mesa, Olive Garden and Soulman’s BBQ. You can choose a soda package or really liven things up with an open bar. Contact the incredibly helpful staff for package and rental details.

We want to see your pics! If you visit WhirlyBall, let us know! Drop your favorite photo of the day in the comments!

Want to live near this amazing fun place in Hurst?  Then follow this link from Texas Pride Realty.