Ernesto’s Mexican Restaurant


Sometimes simple pleasures are the best. Not too fancy, not too trendy – rather comfortable and familiar. Ernesto’s Mexican Restaurant is as familiar and comfortable – and comforting! – as your grandmother’s kitchen.

The other day I was in the Garland area, and had craving for a good “tex-mdx” supper. Boy, am I glad I stumbled across Ernesto’s! Located in a strip center at the southwest corner of Northwest Highway and Saturn Road, Ernesto’s is like so many hidden gems – hidden in plain sight.

The interior is bright, spacious and clean, with typical “tex-mex” decor. Service is prompt and friendly. The frozen margarita I indulged in was tart, cold and delicious. For my dinner, I chose what they called “Puntas Monterrey” on the menu, but what I’ve always know as “carne guisado.” It’s more of a beef stew in a delicious brown gravy (albeit without vegetables). As is common, rice and refried beans accompanied the flavorful stew. My plate was delivered quickly, and I gobbled up every bite just as quickly!

If you ever find yourself in the neighborhood of Northwest Highway and Saturn Road, don’t forget about Ernesto’s!

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