Rainforest Café

Grapevine Mills Mall, located in Grapevine Texas, is home to the wild jungles of The Rainforest Café. This themed restaurant has been busy ever since the day they first opened 20 years ago. This successful restaurant chain is owned by Landry’s Inc of Houston, Texas. The creator of the Rainforest Café is Steven Schussler. He opened the first location in the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota on February 3, 1994. His idea was a hit and by 1997, Schussler had opened six more locations throughout the United States.

Why is this place so successful, and how are they able to continue the interest year after year? The creator of the Rainforest Café is able to catch one’s attention immediately and keep it throughout your dinning experience. While one approaches the exterior of the restaurant, you are greeted with animatronic creatures one would encounter in the Rainforest. The normal one or 2 hour wait time for a table goes by quickly. A fantastic retail shop filled with large aquariums, and friendly frogs and monkeys, will help you pass the time and spend your money.

Once your name is called and your table is ready, you enter the wilds of the jungle. Everywhere you look is another fantastic detail that captures your eye and keeps you searching for something you don’t want to miss. Every 30 minutes the Rainforest comes alive and you hear the sounds of rain, animals, birds and life.

The menu items are your general Hamburgers, onion rings, fries, Tex Mex nachos, salad and sandwiches. The food is good, and the prices are high for the cuisine offered. When you go to the Rainforest Café, you aren’t going for the cuisine, you are going for the unique, fun, memory making experience.

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