Taco Crush!


When it comes to tacos, I have always had my favorite places and usually don’t stray away from them. However, Taco Crush in McKinney hard turned out to be an excellent surprise and I couldn’t be happier that we stumbled upon this up and coming restaurant. When I reviewed the menu, I was pleasantly surprised at the overwhelming and tasty variety that they had displayed on two big LED screens. The tacos reminded me a lot of Velvet Taco but the prices were more reasonable and the quality is equally as delicious! With having multiple Vegetarian friends, this place is a perfect spot to add to our limited list of places that we all agree on! There really is more than one kind of vegetarian option!

With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the restaurant is very open with seating both inside and out, while also having long bench like tables for larger groups. Although we did not have any alcohol at the dinner that night, there are a few options for everyone. I noticed that there were 6 beers including and IPA (from a local brewery) that were on draft. Their margaritas are priced around $5.50 and when I asked a patron who was drinking one at the time of our visit, she said that it was really good for what you receive.

I was also told that they have a Taco Tuesday where they serve chips and salsa for free!
The tacos go really well with all of the sides that they have to offer, as well! Because I am not much of a cheese person, my fiancé and I indulged in the chips and guacamole. I have to say that this was some of the best chips and guacamole that I have had in a very long time. The chips seem to be made in house and the guacamole recipe is perfectly smooth with a delicious flavor. The first masterpiece I tried was the “Tikka Crush” which is a spin on Tikka Masala. Two strips of chicken covered in Tikka Masala sauce and nestled on a bed of white rice, wrapped in a flour tortilla and you can’t go wrong! The second taco I tried was the Taco al Pastor that was mixed chili, peanut salsa, pickled onions, pineapple relish, queso fresco cheese. This taco was equally amazing and I may have a hard time picking out any other tacos to eat besides these two! After we were impressed with our tacos, we decided that we needed to try the fried Oreos to top off the night and again, we were not disappointed.

If you are in the Mckinney area, I highly encourage you to check this place out or even make a special trip to enjoy these amazing tacos and more! Weekend Brunch specials are also available!

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