Horror Freak


Do you consider yourself a Gorehound? Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Do you like to collect movie memorabilia? If you answered yes to any of those, have I found a store for you! Located just a few minutes from 121/183 in Hurst, Horror Freak has what you have been missing.

I’m going to be honest, horror is not my thing. I’ll watch a scary movie but only in the daytime or with every light in the house on. I cannot watch a scary movie and go straight to bed; I need something lighthearted between blood and guts and peaceful dreams. If I’m picking the movie, chances are good it is not from the horror genre. My sister and boyfriend are both Gorehounds (horror film connoisseurs) but only my sister forces me to watch movies with her. My horror movie knowledge consists of about 9.5 movies from the early-mid 2000’s because that’s the last time I lived with her and couldn’t escape movie night. I say 9.5 because my sister’s biggest fear is something coming up out from under the bed so we never finished the last thirty minutes of The Grudge because she couldn’t handle it when that exact thing happened.

That being said, I love a good haunted house and Halloween is my second favorite holiday. I’m hampered now by a scaredy-cat daughter but I love decorating my house as creepy as possible. Claire Dunphy (Modern Family) is #HalloweenGoals for me. I also enjoy films that are more suspense than gore or jump scares like, The Stangers or Last House on the Left.

Horror Freak covers all the bases. This store has campy horror, gore, psychological thrillers and your basic jump scare movies in all formats. A room filled with all sorts of titles from across the horror genre. And, not just movies. Horror Freak also has a large selection of movie memorabilia. Some of my favorite artwork in the store was actually supplied but local artists. The mixed media, 3-D Texas Chainsaw Massacre art piece can hang in my haunted house any day! Well, it could in ten years when my kid isn’t around to whine about things being too scary. The store has a large number of Pops from some of the biggest horror movies (although, how does Ghostbusters qualify as horror, the monsters/ghosts?). The gentleman who owns the store also had his own art to sell. I loved the unique pieces like his “death hour lanterns”. That’s how I describe them anyway. They look like decorations for a room in a haunted house where someone is dying.

If you love horror, you should check this place out. You won’t just find movies and collectibles, you’ll find someone who loves horror just as much as you and will debate you over which movie is better. While taking my pictures the owner and another customer were discussing the merits and drawbacks of the new Halloween compared to the original. The store is also good for information on nearby horror events and haunted houses that run year round. Friday the 13th is considered a store holiday and the discounts are amazing! If you’re in the area, look for the big hearse in the parking lot and you’ll find your way.

Are there any horror movies you haven’t been able to finish? Not because they were lame but, because you were just too scared?

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