LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Dallas / Fort Worth


My daughter got tickets to LegoLand for Christmas that we finally got to use last week. I had an unexpected blast! I figured I was just there to chaperone and chauffeur my kid along but found myself enjoying it as much as she did. There was soooo much to do. This is really an all day experience.

Located in Grapevine Mills Mall, LegoLand is a haven for Master Builders. There are rides, a completely Lego mini-city of downtown Dallas (along with a life-size Lego Dirk Nowitski), a movie theater and multiple build stations.

Let’s start with the rides. LegoLand has three rides. There’s a race/bumper car ride where just the kiddos ride around the race track in search of criminals. There’s a picture of that below but I wasn’t allowed to take photos on the other rides, which adults are allowed on. Merlin’s Adventure is a roller coaster type ride where your feet dangle from your seat and you are twirled around in the air. My daughter and I aren’t big fans of that kind of ride so we opted out of that one. However, the third ride, Kingdom Quest, ended up being a favorite for both me and the kid. We rode it five times while we were there. You’re in this hover car type vehicle and they roll you through different areas where you try to shoot the bad guys and save the good guys. You can get a picture made of your run that includes scores. I beat my daughter every time but I didn’t gloat…much.

There’s a 4-D movie theater where you can take a quick 15 minute break and watch a Lego Movie. They have three or four movies that rotate so you can watch one, go out and play and come see a different movie the next time you want a break. What’s a 4-D movie you ask? It’s 3-D but with extras. Whenever there’s water in the movie, the audience is sprayed with actual water (no more than from a quick walk through a spritzing tent). When the wind blows, a large fan blows on the audience. There was even snow at one point, still haven’t figured out what the “snow” was that fell on us. The movies were Lego Movie and Ninjago shorts but still good quality.

My other favorite part of our visit was the Lego city. I could have stood there all day and looked at all the things that they built with Legos. Not only are the buildings crazy intricate, they took the time to make a real city complete with citizen interactions. The little scene I liked the best (pictured below) was with two skateboarders. One fell off and the paramedics came to take care of him. I imagine the staff had a lot of fun setting all these little scenes up; I had a lot of fun viewing their work.

There are build stations littered throughout the location so if inspiration strikes you can instantly build. There’s a cafeteria and super duper play area so you can make your visit last longer. Kids of all ages can be entertained by something at LegoLand! Make sure you stop by the Lego store on your way out for a souvenir. We picked up a Lego storage box that’s shaped like a big Lego block and some mini figurines that we designed ourselves.

Drop a picture below and tell me what part of LegoLand was your favorite!

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