Roy’s Hobby Shop


If you have a model builder, drone lover or military models collector in your circle of loved ones, Roy’s Hobby Shop is how you keep them happy. Roy’s has everything needed for everyone, beginner to expert, in the model building world. If they don’t have it, they’ll get it for you. If you don’t know what you’re doing and you want to learn, or you just want to pick a gift for someone that does love this, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable and would be glad to help you find what you need.

I won the best gift award this past Christmas from my father-in-law. He spends his spare time building models of military vehicles. Thanks to this blog, I had all the coolest gifts this past gift-giving season. I bought my father-in-law a German World War II tank and my stepdad a drone, all in the same place. If they added a comic book store next door, I could have done all my “nerd” shopping in one stop.

Roy’s has a huge selection of rockets. From the basic, “I have to do this for a school” project rocket to the “I’m actually trying to reach the moon” rocket, everything needed to build and launch the perfect rocket for you can be found here. Want to fly something you have a little more control over? You can also find model airplanes and drones here.

My experience with building something like this is limited to a school project rocket that caused a huge fight between my stepdad and myself. I wanted nothing to do with it and he wanted it to be perfect. Knowing nothing about this craft, the selection this store has is slightly overwhelming. However, I had an employee helping me and they found me the perfect drone by asking me questions about who I was buying for. They obviously picked the right one because, three months after Christmas and it’s still being used regularly…my kid lost interest in her new cool stuff before Valentine’s but my stepdad is still as happy as a clam. I might have made it more difficult for me next Christmas though, especially if he’s still playing with that drone.

If drones, rockets and military vehicles weren’t enough, Roy’s also carries RC cars, model cars, airplanes and boats…and everything needed to assemble them. My brother is getting a new model car for his birthday and my father in law is getting a commando vehicle for Father’s day. My gift giving game has really stepped up since I started working for this blog.

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