Everything is bigger and better in Texas. If you don’t agree with that saying then simply take a Texas road trip and look at Texas’s idea of a road stop convenience store. Welcome to Buc-ee’s, in this gas station one will find more than gas and fountain drinks, you can just about anything.

Did you forget your swimsuit, sandals, cooler, tent, dishes, home décor or clothing? Well, you have no worries, whatever your heart desires can be located within a Buc-ees. This place is amazing! When you visit this mammoth gas station, you are quickly greeted by a beaver named Bucky. Bucky is the happy mascot for this Texas owned and operated store. You are also greeted with the aroma of Texas BBQ and a friendly Texas hello and smiles.

Co-Founders “Beaver” Aplin and Don Wasek opened the first store, in Lake Jackson, Texas in 1982. Aplin formed the name Buc-ee’s by combining his childhood nickname; the name of his beloved dog, Buck. Arch Aplin is a Texas entrepreneur and Texas A&M graduate. Aplin and his business partner Don Wasek focused on cheap ice and clean bathrooms. Their simple idea has led them to huge success, today they have expanded to 27 locations.

Both Alpin and Don pride themselves with their policy to offer the cleanest restrooms always. The men’s and women’s rooms have spacious entryways decorated with Texas-themed maps and memorabilia. These restrooms have high ceilings and bright lighting, finished with sandstone-colored tiling. They will be patrolled 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by uniformed employees whose only job is to keep them pristine.

On your next Texas road trip, be sure you visit a Buc-ee’s. I promise your experience will be like no other road stop. Safe Travels Ya’ll!

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