Fat Shack

The other day I was up in Denton, and needed something to eat. I’m always on the lookout for something new, and I discovered that nearby was a place called “Fat Shack.” Hmmm… a college town burger place with “fat” in the name? How could you go wrong? So off I went.

Fat Shack is actually part of an expanding chain from Colorado. Other Texas locations include Fort Worth (near TCU) and College Station. Notice a pattern? LOL!

The menu is pretty outrageous, as befits a restaurant proudly calling itself “fat.” For example, you can choose from a “Fat Tommy” sandwich (chicken fingers, fries, pickles, lettuce, and tomato), a “Fat Cow” (with mac ‘n’ cheese, bacon, fries, mozzarella sticks, and bacon ranch) and the “Fat Stimpy” (cheesesteak, onion rings, fries, and jalapeno poppers)!

of course, you can also order all these side dishes as… well, side dishes.

Their “ultimate” burger is the “Fat Hangover” which comes with fried eggs, American cheese, sausage, bacon, french fries, onion rings and ketchup – all served on the bun!

Being pretty basic, I went with “just” a cheeseburger with fries (on the side, not on the bun). Served piping hot, everything was delicious! The hamburger patty had a nice char to it, and was just greasy enough (you know exactly what I mean). The fries were perfectly crispy as well.

Fat Shack serves milkshakes (vanilla and chocolate), and you can add such inclusions as malt, Oreo cookie pieces, peanut butter cups or strawberries.

An assortment of State-Fair-style deep-fried sweets are offered, including Oreos, twinkies, funnel cake bites, cheesecake bites, and Rice Krispie bites. I can only imagine how good these sound to the “after club” crowd!

Drop by yourself sometime soon, and see if Fat Shack isn’t your kind of place!

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