Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes and Fries

I got to spend the weekend with some family from out of town. One of the places I took them was Hwy 55 Burgers. This little burger joint takes you back in time with a retro themed diner and musical accompaniment.

The burgers are excellent and at a fair price. It’s a 2/3 lb patty that’s never frozen and hand-pattied in the restaurant. You can build your own burger or choose one of their house specialities. If you’re really, really, really hungry, try the five five challenge. If you eat a 55 ounce burger, with four toppings and bun, an order of fries and one beverage, in thirty minutes, it’s free! I can almost guarantee that you won’t beat the record of 96 seconds. Seriously, someone ate that monster burger in less them two minutes! There’s video proof on YouTube if you would like to check it out.

What really sets Hwy 55 apart from other restaurants is their customer service. When Kenney Moore opened the first location in 1991, he couldn’t afford a standard restaurant kitchen. He came to love his open-to-the-customer’s-view grill. It let him talk to people and they could watch him make their food with great care. Now there’s more than 130 locations in eight states and two countries with that same open-grill concept.

Bedford’s Hwy 55 is no exception to the company’s standard. I honestly felt like I had walked into a restaurant owned by my family. They were super friendly (but not in that weird/creepy “I just want a good tip” way) and helped the first timers to the restaurant decide what they wanted to try first.

If you stop in and try the five five challenge, you HAVE to share the pictures with us. No one in my group wanted to take on that challenge.
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