Mom & Popsicle

My daughter and I recently got a much-needed girl’s day. Our day of fun ended perfectly, with ice cream from Mom & Popsicle! We were hot and tired from our activities and this was the perfect treat to cool us off. I can only imagine how much more refreshing it will feel on a hundred degree day.

Located right next to the Movie Tavern, Mom & Popsicle serves up frosty goodness seven days a week. You’re not just getting the dessert you deserve, you’re getting a show. The ice cream is only prepared after you’ve ordered it. They don’t have gallons of chocolate or cookies and cream in refrigerators, they make it from scratch right in front of you. My daughter and I enjoyed watching the process of the ice cream go from liquid, to an ice cream looking lump, to flat like a crepe and finally rolled up and placed in a bowl. Then we got to pick our toppings. I chose Butterfinger and the kid got chocolate chunks. I’m definitely going to make this place a regular stop. There are so many options I still want to try.

I went in looking to get a popsicle but got distracted by the ice cream. Popsicles are definitely the main attraction of this business. There were forty different flavors of popsicles available. At least eight of them are on my summer agenda. There are regular, “tame” flavors like Chocolate and Strawberry, unusual flavors like Watermelon Mint and Blueberry Cheescake and then wild flavors like Pineapple Jalepeno, Avocado and Sweet Corn. I’m going to have a hard time on my next visit trying to choose between Pomegranate Orange, Lemon Bar and Salt Butter Caramel.

Let us know what flavors you’ve tried or can’t choose between!

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