Red Panda Wok and Grill

My friends hate when we choose Chinese to eat because I’m extremely picky about my Chinese food. I love sesame chicken. It is my favorite and my go-to at any Chinese restaurant. I have yet to find a buffet that can make sesame chicken to my liking. In my opinion, sesame chicken is not a buffet food. It does not do well under warming lights. I like my sesame chicken fresh and slightly crispy, not chewy and soggy. I’ve found a Chinese restaurant that my friends and I can both agree on.

I moved to Hurst at the beginning of the school year. Eight months later, I’m still finding hidden gems to try out and feature on this blog. Red Panda is one of my favorites so far. The staff is friendly and have always made my sesame chicken just the way I like it. My boyfriend always gets General Tso’s chicken and is just as big a fan of Red Panda as I am. My guy also recommends the Crab Rangoon. He usually gets that but we just stopped in for a quick lunch today. Speaking of, checkout the lunch specials. My sesame chicken was a few bucks cheaper than a dinner portion but there was still plenty of food.

Red Panda has become our date night starter. We even have a table that we’ve dubbed “our table”. There’s also chicken nuggets and fries that are personally approved by my daughter if you have to include your own picky eater on your date night.

If you’re craving Chinese but also don’t want to put pants on, don’t worry. Red Panda delivers! You don’t even have to go through a third party, like Uber Eats or Door Dash. Red Panda offers their own delivery and their website is easy to navigate. You can order your food and have it brought to you without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Drop us a line and tell us your favorite Chinese dish or if you’ve picked out your own special spot to start your date night!

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