Urban Air Adventure Park

Do your kids bounce off the walls, figuratively speaking? Well, now you can let them literally do that at Urban Air Adventure Park. I took my daughter here this past weekend and I’m thinking that I better just buy the long term pass because my kid wanted to move in.

We started at the long jump. You bounce down a trampoline and launch yourself into a big pit of foam pads covered by a tarp. It feels like leathery Jello, and trying to get out of a pit of leathery Jello is as difficult as you think it would be. After I climbed out of that once, I moved onto the next bouncy fun. My daughter repeated her jump a couple more times before she joined me on the obstacle courses.

If your children have ever watched American Ninja Warrior and wanted to do that, Urban Air is where you bring them to try it out. There are four sections of obstacles to try. I don’t know their official names but there were rope ladders, froggy jump boards, trapeze swings and big slices of Swiss cheese to jump through. The bottom of that pit is filled with old school plastic balls so it doesn’t hurt when you fall off…which I did, a lot. I did finally make it through all four sections but my daughter gave up after two. She told me she was here to have fun, this was too much like gym class for her.

My child is a bit savage (her words). She found her favorite spot in the dodgeball “bouncy cage of doom”. She spent the majority of her time bouncing and dodging which, as any good dodgeball player knows, dodgeball is all about the five D’s. Dodge, dip, dive, duck and dodge. I stuck around to watch her get hit with small plastic balls because her coordination isn’t what she thinks it is and it always makes for a good time.

I found my favorite spot in the Warrior Beam pit. Two people duke it out on the middle of the balance beam with padded staffs. Whoever gets knocked into the pit of foam despair is the loser. Winner gets to fight again. Not only was it fun to play, it was amazing to watch! Family rivalries could be settled here. Corporate grunts could finally deal the boss the blow that literally takes them down a peg. The possibilities are endless! Urban Air has party packages that fit any need, they can even host private parties for just your group.

By this point, I’m already exhausted but children have the energy of hybrid squirrel jack rabbit thing so my daughter was still bouncing along from attraction to attraction. She hit the slide after climbing the mountain and she played in the tubes for a little while. My kid is scared of heights so she missed out on an entire second story of fun. There was a ropes course up high, 5 different walls to climb and a freaking zipline!

Check them out yourselves and let us know what your favorite attraction was!

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