Latino Cultural Center

In the 1990s local Dallas leaders, such as Jessica Falla, Bárbara Renaud González, Domingo García, Viola Delgado, Dolores Barzune, Betty Switzer and many others, had leading roles in bringing a designated building to celebrate Latin Culture.

Up until the opening of the doors of Dallas’s Latin Cultural Center in 2003, Latin artist were forced to hold shows at local middle schools, parks, small cafes, or small theaters they rented themselves. Funds budgeted through the City of Dallas were always earmarked for non-ethnic groups like the Dallas Symphony, the opera and the DMA.



Dallas demographics consist of nearly 42% Latinos. A Latin Cultural Center was way overdue in a city as diverse and as large as Dallas, Texas. The efforts of many organizations, Dallas leaders and a very determined Latino community finally paid off. On September 16, 2003, the doors to Dallas’s beautiful Latin Cultural Center opened her grand doors to her long-awaited community.

Today, The Latin Cultural Center offers a free summer camp, free after school programs, a 300-seat theater, a gallery, sculptured courtyards, more than 300 events annually, some in the gallery or in the outdoor plaza, workshops and most important, she offers the countless opportunities to appreciate and learn about our Latin culture.

The building itself is a work of art and is beautiful. The 27,000-square-foot facility was designed by architect Ricardo and Victoria Legorreta. If you would like to live near this richness of cultures, follow this link from Texas Pride Realty.