The Buffalo Exchange

We have all heard the story when someone becomes laid off or fired or becomes fed up with their job and quits. The next chapter of their life, if they have inspiration and determination within them, they become their own boss or find a talent that helps them become someone fantastic.

In 1974, Kerstin Block was the woman who was fired from a furniture store in Arizona. Tears were not shed when her sales position at the local store abruptly ended. In fact, she necessarily did like her job there. Soon Kerstin began throwing out ideas as to her next step, when she mentioned that she’d like to try opening her own business, her husband Spencer was all for it.


Kerstin and her husband came up with a great idea for a clothing boutique. They had a goal to open a resale shop where customers would be able to sell or trade their clothes on the spot. In 1975 this was a new concept to consumers. A clothing boutique where one would be able to trade in items, they were either tired of or simply wanted a fresh look.

Once the word got out, they had a booming business buying, selling and trading! Kerstin also began to upcycle and recycle denim skirts and jackets. She did this BEFORE it was a hot thing. Quickly, students from the nearby University of Arizona became the Buffalo Exchange’s most frequent and loyal customers.

Today, The Buffalo Exchange is over 50 stores nationwide strong. Kerstin and her daughter, Vice President Rebecca Block still overseas the daily operations of the business. “What I’m most proud of is how much we’ve been able to empower people – especially women,” she says. “That and the clothes. It’s always been about the clothes.”

The Buffalo Exchange is located in the adorable neighborhood of Lower Greenville. If you would like to find a home near this unique and fun place, follow this link from Texas Pride Realty


3424 Greenville Ave., Dallas, Texas 75206
(214) 826-7544
Location: At McCommas Blvd, lower Greenville.
Store Hours: Monday–Saturday 10am–9pm / Sunday 11am–8pm