Buttermilk Cafe

I started with Today’s DFW a little over a year ago. Since then, I’ve been on a mission. I have this impossible dream of trying every chicken fried steak in every little cafe, eatery or hole-in-the-wall restaurant I can find. To me, there’s no more telling sign of a restaurants quality than a chicken fried steak. Usually, if the chicken fried steak is shipped in frozen, so is half of the rest of their food. The restaurants that take their time and do a chicken fried steak right? Those are the ones I want to share with you.

I moved to Hurst last August. I live less than two miles from the Buttermilk Cafe. I’ve passed by it hundreds of times since then. Imagine my dismay when I finally got to eat there this past weekend and realized I’ve missed eleven months of enjoying their food. If you like good, down home cooking, Buttermilk Cafe is definitely a place you should visit.


Located in an old iconic Sizzlers building on Pipeline, in Euless, Buttermilk Cafe is making their restaurant known for good cooking and quality service. When I’m scouting for this blog, I like to visit establishments at off peak times. I get to experience way the staff is and how the restaurant runs without the craziness of a crowd. I also never announce my purpose until after my meal. I don’t want a fake experience because they know I’m writing a review. I can honestly say, from the moment I walked in, I was treated like family. Every single server said hi, or made jovial small talk with me at some point during my visit. It was not over the top though. If you’ve ever been a regular at a restaurant and the staff greets you like a friend when you come in…it was like that. I asked my waitress (Stephanie) for a lot of water, she brought me two huge glasses. I’ve had waitresses roll their eyes at me when I ask for water. Apparently, ordering water is like saying you have no plans on tipping. On the contrary, I just like water with my meal. Stephanie made sure my every need was met and never made it feel like it was work.

Experience is a big factor for me but even the greatest servers couldn’t make up for bad food. Great waiters, horrible food? No blog post. Horrible waiters, great food? No blog post. This place had the best of both. Can you see that chicken fried steak on my plate? It was bigger than my face!! Ten dollars. That huge plate of food was only ten dollars! Again I say, imagine my dismay when I realized I’ve missed out on eleven months of this greatness. Don’t be like me after you read this post. Don’t wait eleven months to try it for yourself.

One other tip, ask for one of the deserts prepared in house. The owner’s daughter is a baker and makes quite a few of those luscious desserts pictured. I was so stuffed after my meal that the thought of putting anything else in my stomach made me queasy. However, I took some chocolate cake home for later and it made me a little jealous I’ve never been able to make a cake that delicious. I must know her secrets!

Check out Buttermilk Cafe yourself and let me know if you agree!

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