In Texas, a Whataburger is how Texans like their burger. In Wisconsin, they like their burgers to be butter burgers. It’s no secret Wisconsinites love their dairy, in fact, they love it so much they top their burgers with a generous pat of butter. Milwaukee is famous, for their cheese and their butter burgers. A butter burger is a burger has been pan seared and a pat of butter has been set onto the patty, and left to melt into the space between the meat and the bun on its way to the table. The logic is top a steak with butter without any poking or fussing, it melts together with the juices from the beef, creating the only condiment you could ever want on your burger.

Wisconsin has a fast food chain restaurant called Culver’s. Wisconsinite George Culver is the son of a cheese-maker and grandson of a Wisconsin farmer. George spent the early part of his career inspecting dairy farms while his wife, Ruth, was at home raising their three children.


In 1961, George and Ruth bought their first restaurant. Neither had any formal training, but George’s natural cooking talent and Ruth’s gracious hospitality made for a winning combination that they repeated for many years in various restaurants and supper clubs.

George and Ruth’s children were taught the value of cooking great food. In 1984, their son Craig and his wife Lea had an idea for a new restaurant that everyone in the family thought would be a hit. Suak City, Wisconsin is home to the first Culver’s. From the beginning, three things had to be on the menu, the butter burger, custard and Wisconsin cheese curds.

Since the humble beginnings of 1984, Culver’s has grown and made its way down to Texas. If you want to try something new, I suggest you give a butter burger a try and find your way to the nearest Culver’s restaurant.

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