Move over Target, momma’s got a new favorite store! If you haven’t heard about Daiso, prepare to have your mind blown! Dollar stores will never be the same for me after my trip to this Japanese dollar store. Calling it a dollar store doesn’t really do it justice; it’s so much more.

With over 2,800 stores in Japan, Daiso began its expansion into the U.S. in 2005 and currently has more than 60 stores in California, Washington and Texas. In addition to all the neat stuff they offer, Daiso brought a taste of Japanese culture with origami paper, calligraphy tools, obento products, sensu fans, and other traditional Japanese items available for purchase.

Here’s the best part: everything in the store (unless specially marked) is $1.50! The few things that are more than $1.50 are still a good buy. I didn’t see anything marked more than ten dollars and that was a huge rug that I’ve seen other places for $25.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to really take everything in. I spent a little over an hour my first time in, and still didn’t see everything! There is something for everyone and a little bit of everything in this store. My favorite part of any store is the kitchen gadgets and cooking items and Daiso did not disappoint. There are gadgets you would expect to find in a dollar store and then, there’s some that you may not even know what they do because you’ve never seen it before. I found cast iron pans there. Real, tiny, cast iron skillets and steak plates. If you’re making a meal for one, these are the perfect size. If you’re a baker, check out Daiso’s collection of silicone bakeware or cupcake paper collection. I think a good thirty minutes of my shopping time was spent in the kitchen aisles. I got one of the square red silicone bake pans and I love it!

If you have a child about to leave for college, everything you need to supply their dorm can be purchased here. A teacher on a budget? Decorate your classroom and stock your supplies without breaking the bank. There was the cutest little chalkboard made to look like a owl here (pictured).

Let us know what treasures you found and spread the word, Daiso is here to save the day!  Want to live in Euless near the great shopping there?  Follow this link from Texas Pride Realty.