Favor the Kind


From Gypsy Wagon to Favor the Kind. The adorable, trendy, small business friendly clothing boutique opened its doors in 2007 as Gypsy Wagon. The owner, Carley Seale has a love for the handmade, bohemian, comfortable feel of things. Items that catch her eye are usually colorful, fun and whimsical. When she came up with the name Gypsy Wagon for her store located on Knox and Henderson, she thought it would describe the unique items one would find within the walls of her boutique.

Behind the pink front door, you will find clothing that you can live in. Home décor you can relax and enjoy life in, and cards and paper goods to congratulate and make loved ones feel special.

Carley was born and reared in Tyler, Texas. She attended the University of Oklahoma and majored in accounting. She was quickly hired by Ernst and Young and soon knew she wanted a life in sales vs a life in numbers. Carley kept wanting a life where she built a brand and boutique where people felt comfortable and welcomed. She has been successful with her dream. Today, Seale has 59 employees and three more stores in Austin, Houston and Crested Butte, Colo. Developers call her all the time to open stores in their centers.

Carley is a sincere and caring business owner. Once Carley realized the word Gypsy did not carry the meaning she originally thought, she did something we find rare these days. She decided to drop her name she had successfully built for over a decade. Today, her adorable building is adorned with a sign that says, “Favor the Kind”.

Favor the Kind carries brilliant lines. You may find the gorgeous Johnny Was, Stillwater, Etica, Sam & Lavi and Giclee, inside Favor the Kind. The staff are extremely welcoming and very helpful.


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