Lemma Coffee Roasters

Daniel Baum is a homegrown local North Texan who has defiantly made a positive impact in our community. Daniel’s company, Lemma Coffee Roasters brings a fresh coffee experience to our communities. Let me tell you what to expect from the new coffee shop in Downtown Carrollton. Expect the amazing aromas of roasted coffee beans that are done on site in their Broadway location. Expect dishes like yogurt bowls filled with fresh fruit and granola. Expect enjoyable sandwiches like Avocado Toast with locally sourced bread and a fried egg. Expect an incredible Brisket and Egg sandwich that will leave your taste buds begging for more.


Most of all, you can depend on the most amazing cup of coffee served to you with the best customer service Texas has to offer. Team Lemma has the ingredients to a must visit location for breakfast lunch and after work pick me up!

Lemma Bowls are simply awesome! Something unique to Downtown Carrollton is the Classic Bowl on their menu. They are Refreshing and surprisingly filling. This is a yogurt bowl with granola, fresh banana, strawberries and blueberries. This is garnished with peanut butter on top.

Everyone who has visited this place has fallen in love with the Brisket & Egg sandwich. This sandwich is AMAZING! The brisket is marinated in their coffee infused BBQ Sauce and topped with perfect pickles, cheddar cheese and a fried egg. The bread is buttered to perfection and toasted just right.

The bread is purchased from a local sourced bakery and everything in this coffee shop is fresh.

The staff is also nice and helpful with any questions and recommendations! As a newbie, I had plenty of questions and they had the best answers.

Definitely recommend this place to anyone. They have a unique concept, they are colorful, fun, healthy, and delicious!

Get yourself to Lemmas, this place is amazing!

Downtown Carrollton has adorable neighborhoods surrounding their four squares. They have beautiful aged trees and large lots. If you are interested in living in an area around Downtown Carrollton, follow this link from Texas Pride Realty.