Miniature Exchange

Are you a nerd without a place to call your own? Does your significant other keep trying to rope you into playing games you have no interest in? Miniature Exchange is the solution! Miniature Exchange is all about games and nerd love!

Miniature Exchange started as a website for trading card games. As their base grew, they saw a demand for a meeting space for people to actually play their games. They met that need head on with their physical location on Pipeline in Euless! Now, gamers can let their nerd flags fly high because they are around like minded people that only judge when you play a Denial Deck*.

Miniature Exchange has events almost every night of the week:

Sunday- Closed (except for special events)
Monday- Closed

Pokemon – Standard 7:00 PM
Magic – Commander 7:00 PM

Final Fantasy TCG – Open Play 7:00 PM

Magic – Standard Tournament 7:00pm

Magic – FNM (Standard Constructed) 7:00pm
Magic – Late Night FNM (Standard Constructed or Draft) 10:00pm

Open Play for TCGs and Board Games
Transformers – Standard 1:00 PM

If you need booster packs for Magic, Final Fantasy or Dragon Ball Super, Miniature Exchange has them…possibly a literal ton of them. If you need sleeves for any of your trading cards or trading card games, Miniature Exchange has them. If you are wanting to sell some of your cards and get new ones, you guessed it, Miniature Exchange will buy your old cards. If you are wanting to find a new game, the guys at Miniature Exchange will not only help you pick one out, they will play it with you too!

Stop by today and pick up a booster pack, hopefully you won’t get a Bog Hoodlums*.

*It’s been awhile since I played, hope my references aren’t too outdated. I’m glad Miniature Exchange is just a few miles from my house. Friday night Magic, here I come!

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