Rock N’ Ice House

Ugh. We are once again in the dog days of summer. There are only a few things that make this time of year bearable for me: air conditioning, beer, barbecue and, most importantly, ICE CREAM. Texas never gets too cold for ice cream but, this dairy confection really gets its proverbial moment in the sun during summer.

Establishments like Rock N’ Ice House are essential for southern summers. They keep you cool and entertained while providing you with a delicious treat. The experience of watching them make the ice cream is almost as much fun as eating it. I honestly had to wait until mine melted a little because I hated to destroy its perfection.

Rock N’ Ice House has a 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google for a reason: because it’s amazing! If you have never had freshly made rolled ice cream, you need to try this place out! It will be an experience your entire family will love! The only problem you will have is deciding what you want to try first. After looking at the menu for at least five minutes, I finally decided on the Campfire. All their desserts have cute little names like “Bonjour” (caramel latte), “Monkey King” (banana Nutella) or “Campfire” (S’mores).



Once I made my decision I got to watch them make it. The only thing pre-prepared was the liquid ice cream mix, which is prepared daily. They don’t actually make your ice cream until you order it. They pour the liquid cream base onto a super duper frozen metal drum and then mash it around (not unlike scrambling eggs) until it’s a recognizable lump of ice cream. They then flatten it out into a thin sheet, slice it into sections and gently roll them up. After they get the ice cream in the cup, it’s toppings time! Mine came with a chocolate drizzled graham cracker and a roasted marshmallow. I got to watch my marshmallow being toasted and anytime you combine fire with dessert, you make my day. It was so pretty I really didn’t want to eat it…until I took that first bite. When staff laid my ice cream down on the frozen metal drum, they added marshmallow fluff to it so the marshmallow flavor mingled with the chocolate in every bite. There is no better ice cream than freshly made ice cream. Rock N’ Ice House has become my new favorite treat and even if I don’t want ice cream, they have 15 different smoothie flavors including, mango kumquat, strawberry blueberry and peach ginger, they also have milk tea and frappuccinos.

Their prices are reasonable ($3.99 for my creation), the ice cream is excellent and the experience is unforgettable! Give Rock N’ Ice House a try and let us know which ice cream creation brought you joy!  Want to live in the great city of Euless?   Follow this link from Texas Pride Realty!