The London Baker

It’s high time we have a REAL English Bakery and Tea! If you haven’t visited the The London Bakery in the heart of Castle Hills, you really need to stop by and see them. Elizabeth Rowe, owner and lead designer is a native of Essex, England. In 2008 Elizabeth had the idea to move to Fort Worth, Texas and become a baker. In Fort Worth Elizabeth began an online bakery for special occasions and she made a real name for herself. Her cakes were phenomenal, she created real works of art with her cakes. Not only were they absolutely delicious, they were equally gorgeous.
In 2016 Elizabeth appeared on the show, Cake Wars, on the Food Network channel. It was then everyone saw what Texas already knew, Elizabeth is the QUEEN of elaborate cakes! She is best known for her detailed Game of Thrones cake that is as taking as the actual HBO show.
In March of 2017 Elizabeth made the BEST decision of her life by opening her bakery in the Shops of Castle Hills. When we stopped into this heavenly bakery it was a Saturday morning. We had coffee, scones and breakfast pastries. Everything is perfectly delicious and made us feel as if we were eating breakfast across the pond.
We researched online and found her most loved flavors of cakes are red velvet, lemon, and strawberry. Once she opened her Castle Hills Lewisville location she unveiled adult flavors, including a chocolate cake made with stout beer and a salted caramel butter cream filling.
While we were there, we saw happy customers picking up their cake orders and placing new orders. The atmosphere is cozy, warm and friendly. In the bakery one can watch Elizabeth creating her newest masterpiece.
Rowe has no formal culinary training. She grew up near London and had a natural gift for art. Elizabeth eventually went on to earn a fine arts degree. She discovered her gift for baking when she decided to experiment with a homemade brownie recipe and was later flooded with requests for more. Rowe is the owner of The London Baker in Castle Hills.
We saw she holds teatime events different times of the year and when we researched online, we saw how loved her teatime events are. Last year she had a Harry Potter themed tea and not only was it a sold-out event, it was a huge success.
Make it a point to visit The London Bakery in Castle Hills. You will thank us for the recommendation.

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· Mon.: Closed
· Tues.-Fri.:8am-7pm
· Sat.: 8am-8pm
· Sun.: 9am-4pm