Tornado Terry’s

My daughter turned 12 recently. My mom and dad treated us both to a mini party at Tornado Terry’s. I am so glad they did because it was a blast! I’m 37 and had just as much fun as my child, AND my parents. What makes it even better? It didn’t break the bank to spend FOUR hours in an arcade. It only cost $80 for four people to play unlimited games, token games and to walk away with a sack full of prizes.

Fifteen dollars a person gets you in the door and unlimited access to the Free Zone. Twenty dollars gets you 100 tokens to use in the token area. No tokens are used in the Free Zone. The Free Zone is over 70 free games to play and ranges from your old favorites like Ms Pac Man, Centipede, Donkey Kong Jr and Galaga (they even have a primo Q Bert & Popeye), and Pac man Jr, to state of the art machines like Crusin BLAST, Jurassic Park, twin “Fast and the Furious Super Bikes” or twin Dirty Drivin’s. They even have air hockey and pool tables in the free zone! You haven’t really lived until you’ve seen your father battle his granddaughter to be called the air hockey champion!


The free zone is around 80% of what Tornado Terry’s offers, the other 20% is found in the token area. I spent my time and tokens on just two of the many games offered: Iceball (skeeball of a different name) and Lane Master Bowling. First, my mom challenged me to a skeeball competition. I’m under obligation to call her the champion but, I don’t remember any competition where the loser got creamed and still called the champion. Not to toot my own horn but, I’m pretty good at skeeball…at least until age reminds me I can’t stay bent over like that for as long as I used to. When I was able to stand upright again, I turned my attention to the bowling game. Here’s a secret: if you want lots and lots of tickets, play this game. It takes four tokens (skeeball takes one), all worth it. If you’re a fair bowler, you can easily clear 400-600 tickets per game! If I had spent the entire twenty dollars worth of tokens on the bowling game I would have been able to redeem them for one of the big prizes.

My daughter ended up cashing in a couple thousand tickets and was able to redeem them for about twenty toys that she loves. I loved this little wallet she got that looks just like a one hundred dollar bill. She saw how much I liked it and gave it to me as a thank you. I saw an old school ice cream punch in the toy case! Do you remember the little foam ice cream top on a plastic cone and when you pushed the button, the ice cream flies off to punch someone? I was so excited explaining what it was to my daughter that she decided to get one. I’ll bet she regrets that now since I’ve used it a bazillion times on her since it came home.

I will definitely be returning to Tornado Terry’s. I think we will be having annual skeeball and air hockey tournaments. Check out their website for birthday party and discount specials. Drop a picture and show us your family having fun here!

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