GEN Korean BBQ

GEN Korean BBQ is a California-based chain, with locations in Tempe, AZ, Las Vegas and Henderson, NV, Honolulu HI, the Philippines (what?) and – fortunately – Carrollton.

Located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Old Denton Road and Trinity Mills Road (SH 190/Pres. George Bush Turnpike), GEN Korean BBQ is smack dab in the middle of Carrollton’s vibrant “K-town” Korean and asian-fusion shopping and dining mecca. As such, they face a lot of stiff competition. Not to worry, GEN Korean BBQ is more than up to the challenge!

Upon entering the restaurant, you’re greeting by a stylish interior featuring modern design and electric-blue lighting. Because Korean barbecue restaurants typically feature “grill-at-your-table” service, most tables here have ventilators to whisk away heat and odor. At GEN, these are features as a futuristic design element, adding to a kind of “Las Vegas” atmosphere.

Meals here are “all-you-can-eat” for a period of time (two hours was pretty generous for me!), but beware – you may be charged extra if you waste lots of food and leave it behind after ordering! This is a common practice in American Korean barbecue spots. Not to worry, though – you can order half portions so you can sample more, and more responsibly!

Protein choices include beef bulgogi, marinated prime chuck, red wine samgyubasal, (wine-marinated pork belly), premium chadol (thinly sliced brisket), and a “signature” yangyum galbi (marinated bone-in short ribs). There are also “Cajun” shrimp, which are quite tasty, even though I don’t like peeling my own (I’m lazy that way!).

Lunch and dinner are available, and I’d recommend trying them at lunch, as it’s a bit cheaper. Beer and wine are available.

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