Taco y Vino

As Oak Cliff evolves and changes, new restaurants spring up to cater to new crowds. Taco y Vino is one of these. Located in a remodeled house adjacent to the “Bishop Arts District,” Taco y Vino is a charming, comfortable neighborhood hangout offering delicious food and drink. With a name like “Taco y Vino,” I’ll bet you can guess as to where their focus lies… and you’d be right! Street Tacos and good wine!Sold in sets of three, from a choice of eight on the menu, Chef Sharon Van Meter presents tasty and attractively assembled plates of flavorful tacos. Choices include cochinita pibil (pulled pork), crispy pork carnitas (pork shoulder), carne asada, brisket guiso, chicken tinga, blackened baja (made with catfish), “tex-mdx” (their version of a traditional crispy taco), fried avocado (vegetarian) and nopalitos (vegetarian). If for some reason you don’t like taco (blasphemy!), you can always get these choices served as a quesadilla!

The wine list – curated by longtime oenophile Jimmy Contreras – isn’t too long, but it has a number of quality choices you may not find many other places, so it’s a joy to explore and taste your way through! If you find something you like, you can buy a bottle to take with you. What other restaurant can say that?

Try Taco y Vino soon, but be prepared to feel like you’re in the living room with a bunch of friends and spending way more time than you originally planned!

What to live near this great restaurant?  Follow this link from Texas Pride Realty!