Breaking Brew Meadery

This is Dallas’s (this location is actually in Farmers Branch) first mead tap room and Breaking Bad Meadery is worth the visit! Ten years ago the Gordon family began crafting different beers and ciders. In their journey to craft beer, they discovered honey wine, or mead. Today the Gordon Family welcomes you to Breaking Brew Meadery.

The art of making mead is interesting. This ancient beverage looks like beer but brews like wine. The Gordon has one of their most important ingredients for their brew supplied from Walker Honey Farms in Rogers, Texas. Mead ferments honey rather than grain or fruit. In 2013 the Gordons were able to create a beverage that they were proud of and they knew others would enjoy.

When you visit the Breaking Bad Meadery you can sip on single 12-ounce pours or you can sample the Gordons’ five standard brews. They also offer rotating seasonal flavors in flights of four. Mead can also be purchased to go in growlers or cans. Feel free to bring your own food into this brewery.

The menu included six meads, these all fermented by the Gordon family so you they will be delicious. Try sipping small pours of their Comb Over, which is hopped grapefruit, Draft Ginger, Raspberry Beret, The Magician, Ginger Bear, and a outstanding jalapeño mead. The pours are fizzy and flavorful. The Gordon’s mildly sweet meads are gluten-free and have a body and flavor profile that’s not far off from that of ciders and beers.

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Thursday: 4pm – 9pm
Friday: 4pm – 9pm
Saturday: 1pm – 9pm
Sunday: 1pm – 6pm